Matthew Lutz

Matthew John Lutz

He was the best ever!
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Matthew was strong. He was courageous, he knew no fear yet he was gentle and kind. He was the guy that you wanted on your team. Matthew was always full of life, energetic, upbeat, and positive. He was the best son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, or friend we could ever have. He had a huge, kind heart, he loved his family and friends, and his heart beat was his beautiful daughter. He was the middle child of 3 sons, all close in age and he remained close to his 2 brothers into adulthood. Matthew was very kind, generous, and intelligent. He was also our most stubborn child and anything he put his mind to he would accomplish. Matthew was competitive, athletic, and outgoing. He loved the outdoors, family beach vacations, riding his Harley, fishing, and hunting. Matthew loved wildlife and had a special fondness and knowledge of birds. Matthew was a bricklayer by trade since the age of 15. He was good at his craft and took pride in his work. Matthew had a smile that lit up the whole house. Matthew was a great cook! He made the best macaroni salad and the best spaghetti and meatballs. Matthew was proud of his Italian heritage. Matthew was always adventurous,and he seemed to do just about everything "first" in the family. He walked when he was only 7 months old. His daughter says her dad was very talented and she is right. He liked to laugh and have a good time. For a "tough guy" he could be very sensitive at times; he got that from me. He liked being with his family especially his daughter. They were like 2 peas in a pod, always playing and laughing. He was so good with her. He taught her many things like to tie her shoes and to work her math problems. He was smart. He was a good person. He never wanted to hurt his family. He loved us and we loved and continue to love him.