Merrill Bernstein

Merrill Bernstein

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Crystal Fajardo
Tell us about your loved one.

Merrill was an extremely loving and caring person who was always willing to help anyone in need, sometimes going out of his way to offer help if he felt it was needed. Merrill also was a father to two beautiful children. He loved them so much and wanted nothing more than to be a father to them and provide everything he could. He was always extremely dedicated to work, and would do anything and everything to make the next dollar, including opening and running his own gutter cleaning/roof repair company, which his little brother now runs. Merrill had always been an entrepreneur and was always thinking of another business to start.

Tell us about Merrill's struggle with addiction

Merrill had an extremely rough childhood and upbringing. This made him put up an emotional block to life, love, and emotions at a very young age. He then turned to drugs which just made everything worse; just trying to numb his pain. With the life that comes with addiction, Merrill began living the life of an addict and doing whatever it took to get his next high. He then was caught at the wrong place wrong time and was arrested and served a 6-year prison bid. Once he was released, we ended up back together, getting a house and pregnant with our first. A few months after Colton was born, no solution, the stress/pressure of a newborn, Merrill relapsed and it all went downhill from there. Again, in and out of jail and constant struggle. After multiple jail and prison sentences, rehab attempts, ODs, hospital visits, a restraining order and divorce, Merrill still struggled with the addiction that resulted in death.

What made Merrill smile?

Dirt bike riding, four wheeling, anything outdoorsy made Merrill smile lots! Off roading, driving crazy, boating, street biking, he always had a need for speed and was your typical adrenaline junkie. ? His children also, always put a smile on his face!

What do you miss most about Merrill?

I miss Merrill's loving self. I miss the Merrill I met and fell in love with the day I layed eyes on him at 16. The father, husband, brother, son, best friend Merrill was. I miss him coming over in the mornings, I miss our trips to Dunkin Donuts for the kids, the morning snuggles, coffee and talks. I miss the good and I miss the bad. I miss being able to call, or text him whenever I want. I miss him being here, able to be a father he always wanted to be and the father my children loved, dearly. I miss him here and wish this drug never took his life.

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