Alyssa Hagenbaugh

Alyssa Hagenbaugh


My youngest daughter suffered trauma at a young age. She found her father dead at 12.

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Amy Campbell-Andrew
Tell us about your loved one.

Alyssa lived to laugh and smile. She loved music, dance, the ocean, her sister, and momma. She was a loving daughter. She enjoyed hula hooping on the beach. She was a caring and compassionate person who could be very dramatic or withdrawn. She loved to make other people smile with silliness and laughter. She had dreams.

Tell us about Alyssa's struggle with addiction

She hid her drug use well. It started with gateway drugs and progressed to heroin use. She encountered trauma and abuse. Co-dependency got her kicked out of her 1st treatment center. Her last attempt at rehab ended 5 months prior to her death.

What made Alyssa smile?

Other people, being silly, hula hooping, travel, her dogs, her sister, and talking about her future adventures.

What do you miss most about Alyssa?

Her laugh, her beautiful smile, and warm hugs. I miss what she could have become and that her dreams didn't come true.
I miss everything about her.

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