Michael Ross Gimello

Loving, funny, selfless, kind, and caring for the underdog!

Mike was a standout athlete who was constantly getting aimed at and had many ankle injuries in soccer. He was a division 1 soccer player. We didn’t know about the addiction problem that we know now. We would take him to hospital and they would X-ray and send him home with 30 Percocet and two refills. This happened many times. He became addicted and grew to need more and more. He lost his fiancé and then tried to commit suicide. He asked to go to rehab. I sent him to Florida. There he learned to shoot heroin. He was never the same. When he died he had been sober seven months so needless to say we were shocked to hear he had passed after talking to him 2 1/2 hours prior. Nothing is ever the same or right. Heart pain is excruciating! ❤️💓💞💔😢