Micheal Carabelli

Micheal Carabelli


My one and only sibling passed away at the young age of 34 from herion overdose. My brother was a smart young man and knew a lot of things that I never even knew or would have known had he not said anything. An example being he talked about history like he lived it. It was amazing how much he really knew. He was a very popular guy and everybody loved him.

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Tell us about your loved one.

He had this gift of being easily likeable and he was the favorite person of many peoples to talk to and hang out with. He had a lot of advice, and was hilarious. He always played practical jokes on everyone. He was very sweet and always helped when someone was in need. I love him very much and I miss him. He passed away less then one month shy of his 35th birthday. He was born November 20th, 1981 and passed away October 25th, 2016. That was the worst day of all of our lives. My mom lost her only son, and I lost my only sibling and brother. I wish he could come back, and wish everyday that he could.

Tell us about Micheal's struggle with addiction

He was always in and out of rehab, he got clean for bit, then went back to heroin. He ended up in the hospital because the drug was making him hallucinate, he saw people there and he thought they were trying to harm him. He also had nightmares and night terrors. t\The addiction got so bad, that he became a stranger to everyone who knew him.

What made Micheal smile?

His niece and nephew. He loved my kids.

What do you miss most about Micheal?

the jokes, our talks, the bonding time he spent with his neices, him being here, and just having him there to talk to

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