Nikolas Graves

Nikolas Barrett Graves

Gorgeous. Talented. Funny. Loving. Tormented.

My son had traveled around the world. One summer he went to Namibia, Africa, to help children there set up organized sports. It profoundly changed him.
He had no idea of how gorgeous and talented he was. He could cook like no one his age and would often create his own recipes.
He loved his family and animals. Nik loved to make people laugh.
After addiction started robbing him of life, his shame and guilt became even worse. He tried so hard and wanted to live sober. He relapsed, recovered, and repeated. Addiction doesn't care what you want.
I will not let my son be defined by addiction. My heart is broken and the pain is unbearable at times. I will be Nik's warrior and do whatever I can to spread the word, teach, talk, scream about the evils of addiction.
I will never be ok again. He was only 23.