Peggy  McCracken

Peggy Jo McCracken

Beautiful amazing mother sister aunt

Peggy Jo McCracken was a very beautiful, strong, outgoing person and she loved everyone. She had a heart of gold. She got messed up with a bad group of friends who started using drugs and she struggled for years fighting this battle. She said she had to fight this so she took her two beautiful kids and left town. She started working and seemed to have beat it. She was drug free for a year then had to come back home for personal reasons. She went to a bar that night, where her drink was spiked by someone who then took her back to his place. She was yelling for help but no one came. How sick can people be. When we heard the next day on the scanner there was a DOA found, I froze and had the worst things going through my head. I then grab Peggy's and my kids and head that way. I went up to the officer told him my aunt Peggy Jo McCracken was missing and explain what she looks like. The officer looks at me and says that I need to stay here, and I started screaming. I knew it was her by the way the officer was talking. After five hours of being there the officer says we need u at headquarters please. I then find out my aunt Peggy was murdered. I then went nuts and had to be held down. I want answers. Peggy had such a good heart and loved everyone and worked her butt off. She would never hurt a fly. I feel justice was not served. Prison is to easy but my aunt Peggy Jo's life was taken way too soon. Her babies lost their mother, I lost my aunt, her brothers and sister lost their baby sister. Does he understand what he has done to our family? Her kids most of all don't deserve this and her beautiful granddaughter that she does not get to meet. Peggy would ave loved her so much R.i.p Peggy Jo McCracken love u and miss u so much I know u are watching over your babies and us.

Overdoses have increased 42% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help us save lives.

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Overdoses have increased 42% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help us save lives.

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