Priscilla Clegg

Priscilla Joy Clegg

child of God, blessed angel

Priscilla struggled with anxiety. She used marijuana and xanax to cope, then in the end, heroin. So, everyone says marijuana is no big deal. My response is, marijuana is never enough! Drugs are drugs, legal or illegal. I wish that the ones that look to drugs to help them would look inside of themselves for a better answer, and then look to the cross of Jesus. The real answer is there! It’s not in a needle or a pill or a pipe! Priscilla was MY blessing! ALWAYS loving, affectionate, generous and kind. Even through her addiction. She was genuine and cared deeply for those she loved. She was my daughter, and a wonderful big sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend. She had a tendency to pick the wrong friends and mates. She never judged anyone which was admirable, but she often joined in on others' dangerous activities....until it cost her and us. She’s paid the ultimate price for “friendship” and being in that “club”. She’s gone where I’ve not been and she can’t report back to me about what she’s doing and seeing. It’s a more cruel world without her. And I can’t wait to see her again!