Sonya Quarrier

Sonya Lee Quarrier

Daughter, sister, wife, mom, loved

Sonya was a great person who was outgoing, crafty, loved to cook, and go camping with her family. She got hooked on pills and then heroin. She couldn't stop. She was a great mother to her three kids. We had a lot of ups and downs. Sonya finally went to jail for a couple of months. I thought everything was going good but three days later she had to do it one more time. They found her on the bathroom floor and resuscitated her for 45 minutes before they got her back. She coded again at the hospital and it took them another 45 minutes to get her breathing again.
None of us knew anything until the next morning. It was January 14. I knew as soon as we saw her she was gone! They kept her on life support for 11 days. I'm so thankful for that time with her. I thank God for that. We got to say goodbye. Even if she was not with us anymore. I hope she didn't feel hurt on that bathroom floor, and some say that they don't. But I miss her with everything I have. Thank God for my family and some good friends that helped me this year.