Richard AKA Big Weez Horvath

Richard AKA Big Weez Scott Horvath

Genuine, Kind, Caring, Generous, Amazing

He was my only sibling, so we had a special bond. He was my big brother. When our parents divorced our mom went wild and he became very protective of me after our life became very dysfunctional. He got a job with Fritz Ent where he worked for 27 yrs. He didn't care about material things, just a good time with amazing food that he cooked. He wanted to make people smile and made sure nobody went hungry. There's so many stories about how caring and loving he was. He had a tummy tuck after bariatric surgery. He was always drinker, but was given opiates for pain control. And that was the beginning of his destruction. He overcame the temptation after my son passed in 2017 from an overdose. Then a family friend kept on him about getting high. Well my beautiful brother died August 14, 2017. His first great nephew was born on his birthday. I will never have a BBQ like he did and I will never be the same after losing my son and brother to the horrible drug heroin. This world truly lost one of the most sincere people God created.