Richard  Erden Sr.

Richard Duane Erden Sr.


My Dad was the strongest man I know. He was a union electrician for over 30 yrs till he fell 14 feet when his safety harness broke and would never recover and evidently turned to drugs and alcohol to ease his pain and stress of not being able to support his family as he wanted to. He got tired of all the run arounds with drs to get medication to help him, and his injury evidently caused him to develop and suffer from mental illness as well. And it seemed to be just a never ending merry go round of nightmares for him and his loved ones. And he ended up over medicating and suffered a heart attack in his sleep. It was the WORST AND SADDEST DAY OF MY LIFE. But I have to stay strong for him. And to know he is finally at peace and isn't in pain anymore eases my mind.... FOREVER LOVED AND MISSED UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. YOUR GRASSHOPPER, MELISSA. REST EASY, DADDY. I LOVE YOU 😘⚡R.D.E.Sr.⚡