Ryan Snyder

Ryan Snyder


In memory of our beloved son and brother, Ryan William Snyder. He lost his battle with heroin on Nov. 5, 2010. Ryan is loved and missed every single day.

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Louise Snyder
Tell us about your loved one.

Ryan came from a huge loving family and had lots of friends. He had one younger sister, Rachel. Ryan did well in school. He played hockey for about 10 years. He was a dedicated, hard working goaltender. Ryan graduated from Cathedral Preparatory School in Erie, Pa. It was one of his many proud moments. Ryan was smart, caring, and funny. It was easy to love Ryan. There was so much to love.

Tell us about Ryan's struggle with addiction

After high school, Ryan went to a local university. During his first semester, Ryan's addiction to heroin escalated quickly. He actually told us about his addiction on December 26, 2008. Our lives were never the same. Ryan was in a couple of suboxone programs, but they were not successful. He made numerous attempts to remain in inpatient facilities. He even went to a rehab in Florida. He had 30 good days in Florida and wrote us the most beautiful letter. We are so thankful to have it. After every attempt to recover, he relapsed. Ryan finally went to Cincinnati and stayed with my sister's family. It was something he hadn't tried. After a few months in Cincinnati, Ryan died from a heroin overdose. He had been 2 weeks clean. Ryan wanted nothing more than to recover and have his life back. We wanted nothing more than to have our Ryan back. Heroin stole his heart and soul. Heroin took Ryan from us, and our lives will never be the same without him.

What made Ryan smile?

Family and friends made Ryan smile. He was most happy during the holidays when he was surrounded by family. His friends made him smile. He valued his friendships and had many close friends. He loved to make them laugh. Ryan was happy to watch a good movie or football. He loved to laugh.

What do you miss most about Ryan?

I miss everything about him. Most of all, I miss his hugs and smile.

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