Sara Nixon

Sara Elisabeth Nixon

Beautiful daughter, strong, stubborn and courageous

Always a little moody as a youngster, Sara was pretty and sweet with the world seemingly on her shoulders. She was raised by me, her mom, as her father had disappeared after knowing I was pregnant. She needed a strong father figure but never had one. I'm sure there was a hole in her heart missing a dad. She was a wild child as she became a teenager looking to find herself in altered states... I constantly was warning her about drugs and taking care of herself. She was an Aries and hard headed and never wanted to do anything except what was her way. I often felt I didn't know her as she often reminded me. I wish I had more happy times to tell about her, but it was a hard job getting her to finish school, find work, be responsible and help her mom. I hope to learn someday why she felt so defiant... a mental health issue? An overprotective mom? A world that was hard on her? I loved her with everything I had from the minute she arrived in this world and I wonder if I could have made her life happier somehow.