Sean Said

Sean Alexander Said

son, brother, empathetic, insightful, sweet

Sean was a normal, happy child until senior year in high school when he started experimenting with drugs. By the time he was a sophomore in college, he was addicted to opioids. He went to rehab several times and just could never overcome the disease. He died with benzos and heroin in his system.
The real Sean was creative, funny, insightful, handsome, intelligent, kind, empathetic, loving, and kind. He was a talented guitarist. He loved comedy, movies, and music. He could listen to what was going on in my world and say the most thoughtful, kind words about it. His goal was to counsel others in their addictions. He had lots of schooling that he succeeded in. Whenever we were together, he never hesitated giving out hugs and I love yous.
This world needs a lot of improvement in the rehabs, insurance coverage, half-way houses, and K-TRACs. Rehabs need to not just be a resort, but a successful treatment center for addicts. Insurance needs to cover more of this epidemic for longer than 30 days. We need more half-way houses. There isn't enough for recovering addicts to enter into. Missouri and any other state that doesn't have K-TRAC's need to implement that for drug control.
Sean is loved!