Selena Bologna

Selena Francesca Bologna

Daughter, Sister, Friend, fire-cracker

Selena Bologna had the biggest heart and smile. Selena was a daughter, a sister, and a good friend. She loved deeply and was a very giving person. She struggled with drug addiction from the time she was a teenager until she was 26 and it took her life. Selena started out using drugs recreationally but after some time it turned into a lifestyle that she couldn't get out of. Things really took a turn for the worst when Selena was sent to jail for a DUI. Instead of jail helping her, she was introduced to fentanyl. Selena needed help and never received the appropriate treatment. This addiction took Selena's life and replaced it with broken hearts. Selena was so full of life and potential and her life was taken too soon. Selena should be remembered for her fire spirit, her boisterous laugh, and her giving soul. Addiction is a silent killer and it needs to be talked about. We are hoping that Selena's memorial and story will help save another family from having to go through this heartbreak. Rest in Peace, Selena Francesca Bologna (December 6, 1993- May 11, 2020)