Shane Walsh

Shane Christopher Walsh

Kindhearted, talented, intelligent, authentic, fearless

Shane struggled with depression from very early on.  He was always extremely intelligent, socially awkward but funny and kind.  Everyone who knew Shane would say that he was always there to lend a hand to anyone in need, even if he had to sacrifice his own health and welfare to help them.  He was an extremely talented guitar player who played to soothe his anxiety.  He was the epitome of the tortured artist.  He used drugs to numb the pain from depression and anxiety and to feel "normal" as he described it.  His humor was edgy (he loved George Carlin) and he hated the rules.  He tried to live outside the box although society kept trying to push him back into the box.  In the end, he died in Cambodia trying to find his inner happiness and peace.  He was loved by his friends and family more than he knew.  Now he is free from pain!!!  Be at rest our sweet son, brother, grandson, nephew and friend!  We love you!!!