Stephen  Baer

Stephen Baer

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Jennifer Baer
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Stephen Robert Baer (aka Stive, Stee, Baer and Deet) was the most fun, humble, selfless, easy going, creative and loving father that my children, Ava and Talin, could ever ask for. He had a generous, Christ-like heart of gold who blessed literally everyone who crossed his path. Our hearts still ache as we mourn over the loss but rejoice that he is walking next to Jesus, our Lord in heaven. Steve struggled with addiction since he was a teenager. We never knew the extent of it and because of how extremely selfless and self-sacrificing he was. He spent so much time on others that he was unable to focus on fully healing himself of addiction, no matter how much he tried. Often times we would argue because I felt that he was being taken advantage of by people always asking him for his time, but he insisted he loved it and wanted to focus on others and not himself.
Addiction is a horrible, horrible thing and I thank God that my children always saw his love through it. Steve struggled to find rehab facilities that had room for him or that he could afford. It is such a hard thing to explain to children and I wish there was more education and awareness for everyone, but especially for loved ones. He may still be with us today if others were more aware and educated on addiction. Steve always said “Jesus loves you”, and people would chuckle or smile, but he meant it because he wanted everyone to know.
In memory of Steve Baer, and for my children Ava and Talin...Happy Valentines Day, Jesus loves you.

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