Ryan Wray

Ryan Donald Wray

loving, funny, full of life

My son Ryan found his soulmate Kendall when he was 15, she was 14.
They was happy as long as they was together. It was the best times in life for them and me!
She had medical problems and got an infection and he tried to stay with her, but he knew she was going to die and couldn’t watch her pass away. So he turned to drugs for the pain he was going through and he made a bad mistake one night. He mixed xanax and suboxone and it cost him his life. Six weeks later Kendall passed away from heartache.
But we know it was from a broken heart!
Now they are buried beside each other.
And forever together! He will be forever 21. And Kendall 20. Ryan loved his cat Riley and he had so many friends. They played their Xbox games. He loved life, just was lost when his love stayed in the hospital for most of the year. I miss you son. Love Dad