Thomas Vachon

Thomas Jacques Vachon

Wise, Spiritual, Sensitive yet Fierce, and Caring

Tommy's Journey

Although he struggled with depression and addiction for most of his adult life, he always tried to fight his way out of his own internal suffering. Even when he felt like giving up on living, he continued his fight to live.

Except for the very brief but intense relapse that ultimately took his life, Tommy was 18 months free of heroin. At the time of his passing, Tommy had successfully and consistently created a content and meaningful life in recovery from depression and gained freedom from the drugs that enslaved his life. He aspired to become a college graduate and planned on attending college this fall to study horticulture and sustainable agriculture.

Tommy grew up in Lunenburg, MA. As a youth he enjoyed playing hockey, baseball, golf, and especially skateboarding. Most recently, he enjoyed spending time in nature and aspired to attend college in the fall to earn his degree. As a skilled green thumb, he never met a plant that he didn't like and consequently plants loved him right back!

He was dedicated and committed to working on his physical, emotional, and especially his spiritual, well being. He was successfully becoming the change he wanted to see in the world.

He was an avid seeker of knowledge and wisdom. He loved learning about ancient knowledge and all things mystical. He loved and deeply appreciated both art and the artist. He began exploring his own artistic expression.

Tommy was an old soul who was wise beyond his 26 years. He could light up a room with his smile and fill it with the most inspiring energy. Those who knew him understand that he was a warrior, philosopher, and leader.

He embraced his complicated experiences and suffering and utilized them to become happy and healthy. He enjoyed the clarity of mind his strong intellect and spirit thrived on! He shared his experiences to connect and assist loved ones and strangers to heal and cope. He offered kind words and sage advice to help alleviate the suffering of others within their own internal journeys. His motto was to always "Plant the Seed" of love and hope!

Although the devastation and pain of losing Tommy's presence in our lives is a tragedy filled with brutal iron, we will be forever grateful and proud of the profound transformation he had achieved and that he was able to experience a life he felt was worth living for a time. He was more than just a loving son and brother to us. He was our friend and hope. He was truly a Pheonix!