Timothy Sullivan

Timothy David Sullivan

To know him was to love him

Tim Sullivan (TSull) was a loyal friend to all. A brilliant, curious 22 year old who had a collection of devoted friends from California to Russia. It was fun to converse with him about anything from the stars to Tesla (the real Tesla). He had a keen wit, eclectic musical taste, and boundless curiosity about everything from guitar tapping to the Quantum. We miss his hipster style with his love of white sneakers and ironic t-shirts. Most of all, we just miss him. Now and forever. Tim, Timmy, Tsull, our shooting star, off exploring the Cosmos.

Tim died June 2018 of an accidental overdose and left a long trail of admirers behind him.

In the words of his friends he was: Intelligent, empathetic, clever, a creative soul, a rock star guitarist, a Legend, witty, goofy, the funniest guy in the room, dynamic and energetic, yet mellow and super rad, warm and fuzzy, generous, supportive, loving, and most of all KIND. These are the things his family and friends forever miss. It is with him in mind that we continue his kindness and work to pay it forward any and every way we can, every day. WE MISS YOU TIM!