Travis Busse

Travis James Busse

Loving son, loyal friend, and avid Green Bay Packers fan

Travis was a loving son, a loyal friend, and an avid Green Bay Packers fan. He was a smart, funny, caring, and hardworking young man. Described by his closest friends, “Travis was a great friend with a huge heart. He was understanding and caring, loyal and loving. He made people feel comfortable. He was always willing to listen to someone’s problems to try and help them find a solution. He made his friends feel like they mattered and the focus was on each other when they were together. Travis was brave. He was outgoing, witty, and loved to make people laugh. If he wanted to have a good time, he went out of his way to ensure everyone was going to have a great time as well. He always knew how to make you smile.”

Travis was also a young man with a substance use disorder. A disease that is misunderstood by so many, a disease that he tried to fight but that was bigger than him in the end. It is the hope of his family that others who are struggling with addiction issues will seek out the help they need.