Trisha Lopez

Trisha Lopez


My beautiful daughter, lovely inside and out with a caring heart, silly sense of humor, and infectious laugh. She had two lovely daughters and a sweet baby boy. My Trisha was always there to help the down and outers with a smile, kind words, a meal, and a place to stay. Unfortunately, many were in that place due to addiction, and she herself struggled with as well.

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Linda Lopez
Tell us about your loved one.

She was a lovely, sweet, caring, silly soul. Loved her three children, mama, and daddy and her one sibling, her brother, and all her grandparents, aunts, and uncles. She was a light everywhere she went by just being herself.

Tell us about Trisha's struggle with addiction

Trisha started off a bit wild in junior high with drinking. And she was just such a people person she just wanted to be on the go, doing something all the time. I don't know when she turned to hard drugs, but in the last few years she had lost her children and will to go on. And I, as her mother, am taking some responsibility for not having a very lovely home life when she was little. No drugs or alcohol really, but just lots of fighting in the home.

What made Trisha smile?

Her children and family, most definitely.

What do you miss most about Trisha?

Just seeing her lovely smile and hearing her sweet voice saying I love you mom. I miss her silliness and her hugs.

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