Tristan Aldridge-Gray

Tristan Gail Aldridge-Gray

Brightly colored, humorous, compassionate gypsy soul

Tristan was my sweet and sassy mini-me. She was a daughter, sister, mother, and wife. Tristan started social using and drinking during her early teen years. Being born a child of alcoholics, losing her father at a young age to alcohol issues, having an absent mother, and giving birth to her own beautiful daughter while in her teens, made it too easy to turn her social use to full blown addiction in a very short time. After years of using, several rehabs, stress, heartache, and struggle, Tristan went to sleep and never woke up. It was not an overdose, her poor abused 27 year old body, old soul, and troubled heart gave up the fight and found peace in the middle of the night. I pray no other parent has to experience their child overcoming addiction by death. I will fight the addiction battle of the world in her honor. Rest babygirl, Momma will take it from here.