Adam Whiddon

Brother, soulmate, Full of Life
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What Adam was like

Adam was the kindest and most loyal friend you'd ever have. The world is darker just bc of his absence. He lives his life like everyday was the last. Honorable, loyal, made sure everyone had fun always and felt loved. Missed beyond words.

Fondest memories of Adam

'it was an honest mistake" and watching him with my kids. He never got to have children but he would've been the best dad. He adored my kids. They adored him. Best brother in the world. He protected me even when I didn't know he was around doing it. His eyes always lit up whenever he'd see his mom, or me or family. He never judged anyone. Always made everyone feel important and cared for.

How Adam will be missed

I miss everything without Adam. Not a day goes by that I don't think about what we would be doing if he were still here. I miss that he's missing watching my kids grow, I miss his smile. His voice, his laugh. I miss hearing him sing, I miss his music he'd play. I miss watching him eat sushi. I miss our phone calls, our visits, our texts. I miss the future we had planned. I miss raising our kids together.

How Adam will be remembered

I know Adam would want to be remembered as being a boy who loved his Mama, as the coolest Uncle ever lived, the craziest friend, the best brother and devoted son.