Andrew Cutler

Son, father, friend, talented tattoo artist
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What Andrew was like

Andrew was a mommas boy. We were so close.
He was a high school graduate,
a great dad to his 5 year old son Josiah. had a smile that would light up a room. He was a ladies man!!
He was a very talented tattoo artist
He was so caring and loving

Fondest memories of Andrew

My favorite memory….
There are just to many to pick one
The excitement in his eyes when he found out he was having a boy I will never forget.
Remembering how silly he was, his smirk/smile I will always remember

How Andrew will be missed

I miss everything about him.
His love
How Close we were
The bond we had
His smile
His face
His jokes
His personality
His goofyness
Seeing the new tattoos that he would still be doing.
Him yelling # NOPULLOUT @Ajs tatts
or him and his friends walking through the door and yelling “WEPA”
Are a few of them but I will miss watching him being a great daddy to his son J (5)
J misses him sooooo much it’s heartbreaking.

How Andrew will be remembered

Andrew would want to be remembered for his accomplishments in life
Also as a great father, a great son, a great friend, a smart and slick ladies man/player :) and a very talented tattoo artist.