Travis James Gustavson

good looking, smart, funny and well loved❤️
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What Travis was like

He had hopes and dreams, and he would have accomplished them all, if his life was not stolen from him by fentanyl and greed.💔

Fondest memories of Travis

Every holiday he was there with the family, and he never left without a hug and an ‘I love you’

How Travis will be missed

Travis would always greet me, his Grandma, with a hug and an ‘ I love you….and when he left, he did the same thing. I will miss his hugs and love.

How Travis will be remembered

Travis would want to be remembered as someone who loved life. He loved his family, and his friends. He liked to spend time with each one of them. He loved his girlfriend, Erin. He like working outside, landscaping, he wanted his own food truck. He had plans and goals. He liked being outdoors, fishing, walking in the woods by the waterfalls, anything that got him outside. Though he had his own struggles, he was always there for whoever needed him. His life was stolen from him, and from everyone who loved him. His heart stopped beating on 2/24/21 at 8:55pm. Fentanyl Poisoning and greed did that. We will always love him and miss him, and we will fight for the changes needed to stop the fentanyl epidemic, and the loss of life due to that. We will never stop fighting.