Angela Faith Hebert

Daughter, sister, mother, MISSED
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What Angela was like

Angela struggled with her addiction for nearly 30 years and her demons are gone now. She's at peace, she's healed and happy, and never forgotten. Life wasn't easy for her but she chose her path and always accepted the consequences.

Fondest memories of Angela

Road trips always took a long time because she had to make pit stops so often!

How Angela will be missed

Sharing the same spiritual philosophy and our special relationship as mother and daughter. She was always honest with me, always "cried on my shoulder", always asked me to be part of her crazy life. Angela didn't really need me but she made me feel like she did.

How Angela will be remembered

Stubborn, hard-headed Taurean who loved animals and people; quick to get angry but quicker to forgive; loved with her whole heart, even when she got the raw end of the relationship; rescued more animals than she could ever care for; missed beyond measure