Luke Allen Benson

Beloved, Son, Brother, and Friend
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What Luke was like

My boy was an outgoing fun loving ray of sunshine. He was the first to make a joke about absolutely anything, he always made people laugh, and laugh hard. He loved his family and his friends, very much. He was a kind soul.

Fondest memories of Luke

My favorite memory, and one I always share with people; was one year for Mother's Day he took his allowance and went to garage sales in our neighborhood. He bought me a Care Bear VHS tape (I loved them when I was young), and was so full of love, and proud of himself giving me that gift for Mother's Day. Luke genuinely wanted to find me a perfect present, it was the sweetest gift and I will never forget his eyes when he surprised me. It's my beautiful memory.

How Luke will be missed

I miss his phone calls, his voice, his "have a good day mom, I love you" every morning. I just miss him sitting on the couch, watching t.v., I miss shopping with him (he loved to shop). He was just so kind, and loving, and I miss his beautiful face, and his kindness. I miss him playing Motown in the basement and painting in his art room, he spent so much time doing what he loved. I miss hearing his music, and seeing what new ideas and projects he was always working on.

How Luke will be remembered

Luke was a passionate artist, he ran a clothing line (which we have since taken over for him) and he worked so hard. He had a work ethic like no one I had ever seen at his age. He would want to be remembered for this kindness, his love for all cultures, places, and traveling everywhere he could. He spent a lot of time just getting to know people, wherever he went, he left impressions on everyone he met. He was one of a kind.