Ashley Martinson

My beautiful daughter Ashley
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What Ashley was like

Some people have the ability to always see the beauty surrounding them and in others. Ashley was one of those people. She never ceased to acknowledge the beauty in people, even when they were at their worst. She always stopped to appreciate the sunset and to smell the roses! Ashley never shied away from an adventure that peaked her interest; however, she truly enjoyed the simplest pleasures in life. From cuddling with her sons, fishing with her fiancé, helping her nieces with their hair, craft projects, to a simple walk through the neighborhood, she paused and appreciated those moments. Ashley highly valued the simple pleasure of a conversation with a friend. She was consistently welcoming and available to lend an ear. Many felt comfortable talking to her about topics ranging from nothing in particular at all, to the meaning of life itself. If you were so lucky to discuss the meaning of life with her, you would know her meaning and purpose in life was family. Nothing made her smile shine brighter than having her family and friends together.

Fondest memories of Ashley

I have so many this is one that stands out. Every night saying good night mama! Love you!

How Ashley will be missed

Hanging out and talking, watch movies. Her incredible hugs!

How Ashley will be remembered

Her love for God and non judgemental love she showed everyone. That she fought a good fight with her addiction.