Noah Ezra Wood

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What Noah was like

Noah was an amazing person. He had a very loving heart and deep appreciation for life. Noah had addiction problems that he was not able to overcome. He maintained a positive relationship with his family and friends which we are very grateful for.

Fondest memories of Noah

Noah laying on the bed talking to his mother while playing with the dog. Camping and fishing and just hanging out with him watching video's and talking about life.

How Noah will be missed

His words of encouragement and ability to have unconditional love towards others. His huge loving heart.

How Noah will be remembered

Noah had a deep appreciation for life. He wanted to travel and was very smart. It hurt him that people looked at him and saw his addiction. He wanted people to understand that he was much more than that. Noah was so talented he loved to hunt and fish but he also loved to learn and travel. He wanted others around him to not be limited by dealing with his addiction. He wanted people to keep pushing themselves to be better and have a better life. This is what he was trying to do for himself.