Ben Howard

"Not Fade Away" The Dead
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What Ben was Like

Ben was an unforgettable force of nature. His light shines eternally. His love of music is only trumped by his life of his people. His parents, sister, nieces, his many friends, fellow dead heads, my 2 kid's and I.

Fondest Memories of Ben

Watching him in his element jamming to music was so perfect. When he played his guitar all of his problems & addictions floated away. This is how I like to remember him. So light and happy.

How Ben will be Missed

His smile, his unconditional love. He had a way of making the people he loved feel so important and you truly believed he was going to keep you safe and everything was going to be okay.

How Ben will be remembered

He would probably be proud of me for keeping his memory alive. Not as an addict that passed away the way he did, but the way he LIVED. All the stories he had about following the Dead, his adventures, all the love and adventures. He had a beautiful heart and a kind soul. He was pure love and music flowed out of his veins.