Timothy D. Manning

Loyal, Driven, Passionate, Brother, Son, Lover, Missed by All.
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What Timothy was Like

Tim put the light back in my life. Gave me confidence that I never knew I had. And we had a connection and love that people sometimes might never get the chance to have. He changed my life in so many ways, I will forever love and miss him, My Angel.

Fondest Memories of Timothy

Looking up at the stars as he could name each one or listening to him play “Have I told you lately that I loved you” on the piano to me. He had many talents but would never take credit for it.

How Timothy will be Missed

His laugh, his smell, his huge hugs, him teasing me. Kissing him. Our deep talks that would last all night. Him being my rock. Telling me I’m beautiful, to smile, and just about everything, even when he pissed me off.

How Timothy will be remembered

Tim would like to be remembered as a great hockey player, loved the ocean and boats, big boats! He was humble. Loyal and Protective to those he loved. A brilliant engineer who could fix or build anything. He loved dogs, kids, and his family.