Brendan Michael Connor

Beloved Son, Brother, Friend to All
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What Brendan was like

Brendan is my brother and kindred spirit. We were born 3 years and 3 days apart in Scorpio season. It felt like we were twins and had this innate understanding of each other. He was my favorite person and forever best friend.

Fondest memories of Brendan

Our parents' house has a mulberry tree in our backyard that covers half the yard in mulberries every summer. Growing up, we spent a lot time running around that yard with the neighborhood kids. Whenever someone would fall on the berries (and get them all over their shorts), Brendan would yell out in a British accent, "WOULD YOU LIKE TO SIT IN A CHERRY PIE?!" and we'd all burst out laughing.

How Brendan will be missed

I miss his BEING. His strong hugs and laugh. Being able to reminisce together and share music.

One thing we could always connect on was music. As kids/teens, we shared CDs and band tees of all the pop-punk bands we bonded over. Our tastes evolved together. We went to so many concerts, my favorite being DeadMau5 in Chicago in July of 2010. The sunset that night was unreal; we had the most magical time.

How Brendan will be remembered

Brendan would want to be remembered as an intelligent, hard worker who loved even harder. He would always go out of his way to help others and didn’t judge anyone.