Kirsten Elise

Beloved daughter, sister and Gigi
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What Kirsten was like

She was charming, her beauty exquisite, her lovely green eyes undeniable. She was loyal and sincere. Her dreams were insurmountable, her spirit unbroken and her faith well-founded.

Fondest memories of Kirsten

The memory of my daughter is indelible. She was graceful, poised and confident. Controlled yet explosive. Strong-willed yet sensitive. Soft on the inside, tough on the outside and incredibly fragile all the way around.

How Kirsten will be missed

The sound of her voice when she said "Momma", the smell of her hair, the noise stilettos make on a hardwood floor. Her love for pretty clothes, her gorgeous green eyes donned with a triple coat of mascara. Her love of fabulous wine and the lipstick stain left on her glass. Her requests for five star dinners, decadent desserts and her love for scented candles and Pink Floyd.

How Kirsten will be remembered

DIVA! Looking fabulous, turning heads and leaving impressions that last forever.