Brian Miller

Wonderful Soul
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What Brian was like

Brian was compassionate and caring, he loved his mother and his family. He was honest and open. He had a green thumb and grew all kinds of tropical plants and flowers!

Fondest memories of Brian

Brian was such a caring person. Once we were at the beach watching sunset and he shared with me that for the first time in a long time, he felt at peace . We both actually cried as the sunset because it was literally the most beautiful sunset we have had down here in many years, so beautiful that the onlookers were clapping at the beauty.

How Brian will be missed

He was always there if you needed him. He was a great listener and very kind to his mother. He had insight into people that most done have.

How Brian will be remembered

He would like to be remembered as the good person he was. I want people to stop the vilification of people with PTSD and co occurring addiction problems. He would want people to understand that while he did battle a disease , that didn’t define him as a whole. He always felt guilt for being sick. Which I believe held him back from a full recovery. My hope is for people to better understand mental illness and not shame people for suffering from it.