Stephanie M. Wright

daughter, free spirited compassionate soul
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What Stephanie was like

Her passion was art or anything creative, she loved drawing and painting, loved reading books,She loved a broad range of music and she loved to sing. She loved reading and writing poetry, she loved arts and crafts and was always making to do lists. She loved animals, she loved photographing them ,she loved her family. She wanted to help the world.

Fondest memories of Stephanie

She was a compassionate, sensitive mother hen to the ones who needed her while she was in and worked in recovery and rehab. She was brave and shy, brave for the scary things in life especially those she encountered during her recovery years, but shy when it came to the small normal things of life.

How Stephanie will be missed

Her sense of humor, her beautiful green eyes, beautiful smile and a contagious laugh, she was such a bright light in this dark world, the beauty of her soul. I miss talking and skyping with her and miss her opinions on things of this world, miss her telling me about her daily adventures of her new job and adventures with her kitty cat.

How Stephanie will be remembered

as someone who had compassion for her fellow person, especially the underdogs,that she loved with all her might, that she wasn't afraid to try new things ,that she was a bright and shining star in our life, that she will always be remembered, that not a second of any minute of any hour of any day passes when I am not aware of the presence of my child's absence, no matter how many years lurk over my shoulder, her absence, like the sky, is spread over everything as C.S. Lewis said. I will never let her be forgotten. I will always say her name and be proud that she is/was my daughter and that I was fortunate to be her mother