Brittany L Brigman

We All Miss You

What Brittany was like

Brittany was so much fun to be around, she always knew how to make you smile or laugh. She had an amazing singing voice and loved to sing. She loved being with family, the water, and loved her daughter.

Fondest memories of Brittany

All the memories I have are my favorite. Not one would I toss away. She always said with different experiences that it "made us stronger."

How Brittany will be missed

Just the hugs and hearing her say "Mommy" like she used to when she was younger, she did that up until the last time we were together. The texts, phone calls, duo calls, everything.

How Brittany will be remembered

She would like to be remembered as someone who loved her daughter and wanted more than anything to be a good mother to her 3 year old daughter. Drugs stole so much time between the two.