Catherine Michelle Cook

Loving Mother, Friend, Bright, Creative
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How Catherine will be missed

I will miss our car rides together where we had the windows down and listened to loud music. Hanging out at the pool was another one of my favorite ways to spend time with her. She would always find something to float on and soak up the sun; I wanted to swim and splash around and be goofy. She would tolerate my silly self with the best smile on her face and say, "I love you, little girl."

How Catherine will be remembered

Even though my mom struggled with addiction, she was still a bold and bright daughter, sister, and mother. She worked as a caterer and sous chef. Bringing those talents into her home made her an incredible decorator and cook. I have so many beautiful pictures she colored which showed she had artistic talents she had not really explored. Coloring was just a past time she had developed from her times in rehab. She loved her family and wanted nothing more than to be together with all her children.