Scott Starr

Brother, Son, Friend to All
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What Scott was like

Scott was full of love, laughter, and kindness. He could be friends with anyone in the room and could always lift the mood. He looked out for everyone, always putting others before himself. His heart was filled with so much love for others.

Fondest memories of Scott

Scott was a huge animal lover. If he found a stray animal, it became a new pet at home. One day Scott came home with two tiny kittens that he claimed he found abandoned in the wood. In reality, he got them from a neighbor and was hoping to make them our new pets. He did this often. He picked up a pet at the shelter, one of the most scared and timid of dogs, and brought it home to give it a forever warm place to sleep. He cared so much about animals and did everything to save them all.

How Scott will be missed

I’ll miss his smile most. The way he could light up a room just by walking in it. I’ll miss the way he easily laughed and cracked jokes, just to keep the vibe in the room a happy one. Mostly, I’ll miss the car rides where we sang to the top of our lungs while driving to no real destination.

How Scott will be remembered

I’d like us all to remember Scott by all the love and joy he brought to our lives. By the way he cared for us all and the way he friended every single one of us. He is a true, special person who deserved so much more than what he got. I want us all to remember how lucky we were to have him in our lives for 28 years. He was truly gold!