Corinne “Cori” Renee Walker

Loving, compassionate, generous, caring, free spirited
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What Corinne “Cori” was Like

Cori was the most beautiful person, inside and out. Her smile was captivating, her laugh infectious. She had such a loving and generous soul, she worried so much about others. She was funny, such a great sense of humor! She will forever be missed.

Fondest Memories of Corinne “Cori”

Laughing! All the time! We found humor in everything! We had the same laugh! We would both throw our heads back, mouth wide open, laughing. My laughter will never be the same without her...

How Corinne “Cori” will be Missed

Everything. We were mother/daughter, but we were also best friends. We planned our days around each other and what we wanted to get done that day.... whether it be cleaning the house, laundry, trying new hairstyles or makeup, watching a movie, shopping, planning a big meal, we did it all together. To say I’m lonely is an understatement.

How Corinne “Cori” will be remembered

I’d love for people to remember the love that she gave, the happiness she brought, the compassion she felt, the sincere concern that she had for every person/animal. Cori was genuine. She was honest. She loved music and hated drama. She was free spirited and open minded. She was an incredibly wonderful woman to know and love.