J S Hughes

A true gift
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What J was Like

Unpredictable, unless one could not read him. I Always had the ability to do that, only because I knew his "TELLS".

Fondest Memories of J

I have deleted any negative memories and kept ALL THE GOOD ONES. My GOD there are too many to count.

How J will be Missed

Just his presence!!! His wit, his laugh and his love of irritating his siblings...they often times got heated and he would just smile Innocently of course. He was FIERCE. I often wonder where and what he would be doing today.

How J will be remembered

As a man who stood up for his FAMILY FIRST and then FRIENDS. Refused (at all costs) to NEVER BACK DOWN. J was a force to be recond with. "A HERO GETS REMEMBERED...A LEGEND NEVER DIES". J is a LEGEND.