Cullen Ashford Logan

‘Love’, brother, son, engineer, musician
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What Cullen was like

Lover of love, such a peaceful sole! Just, genius, such a good person!

Fondest memories of Cullen

His love, his music ( His passion for social justice.

How Cullen will be missed


How Cullen will be remembered

If you have read through this, I love you. If you have not, I love you.
If you are lost, I love you.
And if you are found, I love you.
May you know such love and share it with the world. I know not what distance separates me from you, but if you are reading this, can you honestly believe in such separation. Rest assured that as you read, there is a chain of molecules connecting you to me, and that my smile has set in motion a chain reaction that will last forever. Affecting every future thing in the universe. May I always have a smile, and one to loan you when you have none.
Peace, Love, and Music, Cullen Logan”