Matthew Ryan

Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Friend
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What Matthew was like

Matt was a force, so admired and respected among his peers. He was an extremely talented big wave surfer, a charger! He was so funny and had the most unique laugh like never heard before. He loved his family fiercely especially his Son Logan.

Fondest memories of Matthew

Being in Mainland Mexico surfing and water slides with our Son Logan.
Hiking in Hawaii diving and chasing turtles, cruising around in Baja, MX.

How Matthew will be missed

His beautiful hazel/green eyes, the way he looked at me, his laugh and the way he loved our Son Logan !

How Matthew will be remembered

Matt fought his hardest to beat this horrific disease. He was not the addict, he was so much more. He helped so many to get clean and stay clean. He saved lives. He was loved beyond measure by so many people ! He touched a lot of hearts !