Emily Lynne Maser

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Loving Soul
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What Emily was like

Emily was the mother I wish I always was. She was fierce, but childlike with the ability to see the glitter through the storm. Through all the adversity she struggled with, her love for her sons was immeasurable. She love everyone unconditionally.

Fondest memories of Emily

When Emily was 17, she took a weekend trip with her friends to Wildwood. During that trip, Carley, her friend, accidentally knocked out her front four teeth. Emily notified me through text message by sending a picture of her face....I was a work. When I tried to reach out to her she ignored my calls and my pleas to come home, nothing was going to stand in her way of fun. Her jaw was wired shut for 6 weeks, those were the quietest moments of her life, but she still smiled constantly.

How Emily will be missed

Her truth. Emily lived in love and shared it with everyone she met.

How Emily will be remembered

I would like her to be remembered as the wonderful mother she was.