Matt John Sharkey

Brother Best Friend Irish Twin Uncle Dad
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What Matt was like

A year & 1 day apart, imagine how close we were! We did everything together. Our childhood was awesome. Always had what we needed, wanted etc. We played many sports & had many friends. But we also witnessed a lot of things we shouldn’t have.

Fondest memories of Matt

I have so many favorite memories of him because him and I were super super close. Irish Twins they say. But one night we were out with my mom and sister at Kohl’s and the 3 of us ventured off while my mom did her shopping. So we decided to play around and dress up into clothes that were obviously too big Bc we were young and small. We all came out of the dressing room at once because it was later at night so barley anyone was there and we dressed the opposite sex, lol we had a ball! Laughing

How Matt will be missed

Everything, I miss his presence. He was so smart intelligent I miss learning from him. I miss having a brother period. I felt safer when he was around. He had spent half his life behind bars in and out, but he was human, A great Uncle, A Great Brother, He was special. I just hope he knows how much he is missed and how much I loved him. My kids miss him, my 14 year old son esp. It’s not fair. He was just released from state & maxed out parole, 5/1/23 He was free but 11 days later he was dead.

How Matt will be remembered

His good looks, his intelligence, his street smarts, I want people to remember that he had a heart He had feelings and he wanted to be better. But he couldn’t knock it. It took one night out with this girl whose an addict and that’s all it took. She took him and he never came home. I know he was struggling internally and was scared because he wasn’t under supervision from parole but I wish he believed in himself and gave him self a chance. He deserved a better life. Remember Matt before drugs