Eric David Bishop

Brother. Father, Best Friend
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What Eric was like

Eric was an easy going, funny, smart, likable, gorgeous, artistic, cocky, crazy, fun to be around guy who adored his 2 daughters more than anything, loved meeting new people, partying, listening to music, playing video games.

Fondest memories of Eric

There are too many to list. We lived together for a couple years. He was my BFF & Brother. I will miss him dearly. I still can't believe he isnt here. 😭💔

How Eric will be missed

His gorgeous blue eyes, beautiful smile, annoying habits, crazy behaviours, munipulative mind games, distructive lifestyle, impulsive moves, attitude, perverted jokes, quick Witt, and most of all, the way he knew me better than any one else, even myself.
I miss my Soul Twin Dearly💔

How Eric will be remembered

As a good looking-smart ass who did what he wanted, when he wanted, wherever and he had the ability to convince or manipulate anyone into anything he wanted and was damn great at it and used this as his gift and weapon. He strived to be the best Dad he was capable of to his 2 daughters and loved being a full time dad. He would want them to know he tried & did the best he could. He is sorry he couldn't get better. He loves those girls more than anything. 💔