India Estella Ray

Gentle Loving Daughter
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What India was Like

India (aka Cooch) was the kindest, most loving, gentle and giving person your ever meet. She never judged anyone and was respectful to everyone.

Fondest Memories of India

She’d always come to me and say “Ma, I love you... I’m your favorite ain’t I?” and giggle.

How India will be Missed

Her smile, warm hugs and the smell of her hair. She had the most beautiful thick naturally blonde hair you’d ever seen. I always smelled it from the time she was a baby. It would always make her laugh.

How India will be remembered

That she’d do anything for anyone. She loved children and they were drawn to her like magnets. Unfortunately, she lost her own through miscarriage but she opened her heart more to her nephews and niece. She was a true Momma’s girl too. My beauty.