Anthony Siddons

darling beautiful boy
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What Anthony was Like

Anthony just wanted to feel special. He just wanted to be loved. He was a beautiful boy he always tried to make people laugh. He was caring and loving. He was deeply loved by so many he just couldn't accept love the way he needed to. He is so missed.

Fondest Memories of Anthony

one of my favorite memories of Anthony is when he brought home a kitten that wasn't being treated well where it lived. He couldn't just leave it there. We still had that cat in our family. Her name is buttercup. She's a really sweet gentle cat.

How Anthony will be Missed


How Anthony will be remembered

as a good friend a good son a good father. He would ask me mom if I died do you think a lot of people would come to my funeral? I would say yes a lot of people would come to your funeral. Then I would yell at him and say your not going to die.