James Koponen

My one and only son
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What James was like

James helped people. He cared .he worked for his life . His life was hard having addiction and alcoholism in his family. He would take his shirt off his back for you .he was a proud man , but hid his depression

Fondest memories of James

James always loved April 8th.the day his mom (me) got clean in 2002 . He finally had his mom . He always hugged me and told me things would be alright and to keep doing what I was doing , when I asked him to go to councelling with me . There are too many memories of James that were great. I miss him so much.we had so much life left to grow into a living relationship

How James will be missed

His calls from bottom of my balcony . ." Throw down your keys mom" and his calls when he said " you make any dinner mom ?". I miss uss growing in a relationship

How James will be remembered

As a strong man who got on the wrongside but always always cared for his family , especially his grandparents .uncle and aunt.