Michael A Anderson

Loving, Son, Brother, Father, missed
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What Michael was like

Michael was my youngest. His father has multiple addictions and passed from Alcoholism. Michael had a green thumb and could grow anything, loved to play guitar and adored Metallica. He was a young father of one boy who misses he daddy more than he can put into words. Michael was always a very busy, outdoors kid and sitting still was not in his make up. We struggled for many years with his addictions and sadly the last few years of his short life were more than difficult for him. This breaks my heart and I just can't replace my child no matter how hard I wish it.

Fondest memories of Michael

His smile and Laughter were contagious. I miss his big carefree smile

How Michael will be missed

Having him period, I will always miss his presence

How Michael will be remembered

Remember him by hearing music and letting it fill you with joy and wonder